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About Buds CBD Flower Brand

At Buds CBD Flower, high quality, 100% organic CBD hemp flower is one our greatest passions and obsessions. We have decades of experience with all of our strains, and hand-curate each one of them to meet the high demands of our customers’ medical and recreational needs. There are many reasons why we are Colorado’s #1 best and top seller of CBD flower.

about buds cbd flower

100% Organic

Located right here in Colorado, USA, we collaborate and work closely with only the best growers in the industry to assure that our hemp flower is consistently meeting all industry standards. Inspired by nature and the dazzling Rocky Mountain scenery, Buds CBD Flower is a community-minded company that cares about the environment. We place great focus on producing organically sustainable plants, which is why our flower is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial agents. You can trust that your product is 100% organic, making it a wise choice among other online vendors.

Decades of Experience

Our level of experience is unmatched. We pride ourselves in offering a large selection of award winning, artisan, and hand-trimmed cannabis strains. Over the years we have refined our growing and harvesting processes, learning from our mistakes and growing with our CBD community. At Buds CBD Flower, you can rest assured that you’re buying your CBD hemp flower in confidence. Our mission has always been to be our customers’ #1 advocate.

leaf Buds CBD Flower Brand Is A Wealth Of Knowledge

We love helping to educate our customers about CBD, and strive to provide helpful information about the many benefits of hemp flower. As the industry continues to change, we also seek to provide our customers and community with timely updates and new information. At Buds CBD Flower, we want you to not only purchase from us, but also look to us as an industry expert where you can learn more about CBD. If we don’t immediately know the answer to your question, we will find the answer for you from our most trusted list of resources.

Amazing Customer Service

Our vision has always been to help improve and enhance the lives of our customers. That’s why you can count on having a positive experience every time you purchase from Buds CBD Flower. Our team is here provide you with the highest customer experience in the industry, making sure that you’re completely satisfied from beginning to end. We are dedicated to fast and thorough responses, and are available for you around the clock, striving to ship all orders as fast as possible. If an issue arises, we will take care of it immediately, always making sure that you’re 100% satisfied with every purchase.

Thank you for visiting Buds CBD Flower! We are so glad that you’ve stopped by. Our customers are our best source of feedback, which is why we welcome you to leave your suggestions, letting us know what we’re doing right and how we can improve. Please leave a comment or drop us a line anytime. We look forward to serving your medical and recreational CBD needs.

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