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All of our CBD flower is industrial legal hemp flower. All of our flower has a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of no more than .03% which is defined by the federal laws here in the USA. It also has no psychoactive effects. This is based on the dry weight of our flower as well.

leaf Colorado’s #1 Source For Premium High-Quality CBD Flower

With over 50 years combined experience between the founders, we pride ourselves in providing legal industrial hemp. Our flower is always grown pursuant to cultivation licenses from the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Colorado has implemented an agricultural pilot program under Section 7606 of the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill.

Grown With Tender Loving Care & Expertise

Buds CBD Flower is grown in an atmosphere that would be called “simply perfect”. This environment is maintained by professional growers with decades of experience. All of our organic hemp is always “hand curated”.
If we’re not completely impressed with the final product, we won’t sell it. We raise the bar when it comes to setting a higher standard regarding quality. Our flower is naturally refined to a plain and pure form. We’re known to distribute only the finest CBD flower available in Colorado. Our 50 acres of area allows us to achieve a maximum yield.
Our inspired and innovated expert growers are continually researching and developing new ways to produce better flower. They’re always forward thinking with finding new ways to make better flower more efficiently. This subsequently allows us to offer you, our valued customers, a lower cost.

Buds CBD Brand Flower Is Always Of The Highest Quality

An Award Winning Company In Colorado Growing The Best CBD Flower In The USA…

In 2020, there are a lot of products to choose from. This is where quality really counts. Buds Flower is not a typical farm in Colorado. Nor is it an ordinary farm in any way either. Our products have always been leaders in the industry because of our cutting edge technology, research and development.
We are known to manufacture and distribute cbd flower with the highest levels of cbd you’ll find. Not only are we a local staple here in Colorado, but we’re global pioneers around the world.

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We Also Offer Services Such As Flower Logistics, Consultation & Extraction…

Buds brand CBD Flower is a wholesale and retail hemp farm. We have divisions that focus on manufacturing and distributing. But we also specialize in other areas such as consulting, extraction and much more. Since we’ve finalized our innovative state of the art facilities, we can offer other services to our happy clients!
Now it really is all about quality. The Buds brand uses the very best equipment in the industry. We also create effective processes to follow to ensure your flower turns out A++ every time. We grow all of our own hemp, seeds, seedlings (clones), etc. right here in Colorado!


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